Mukova Kinda: Fan who spends 200 daily calling Kamba Radio Stations

Thomas Mutiso popularly known as ‘Mukova Kinda’ from Tala, Machakos county is among the ardent Kamba radio listeners over the years.

Mutiso gained popularity for calling Radio stations and giving his views depending on the matters being discussed.

During one on one interview with Mauvoo news, Mutiso disclosed that he spends at least 200 shillings on airtime daily in calling radio stations.

He noted that some of his favorite programs are morning and evening shows and if he fails to call then his presence is not felt.

“If I go mute for some days, the presenters and listeners don’t stop asking for me. I love the morning and evening shows on Athiani, Mbaitu, and Musyi FM stations” Mukova Kinda said.

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For him, listening to the radio relaxes his mind and also connects him with other listeners who are far away thus creating a bond.

Mutiso is a chef by profession working in a high-end restaurant in Tala town. He says his dream was to be a journalist but lack of funds killed his dream.

“My father had four kids to educate so proceeding to college to do Journalism was not an emergency thus forcing me to defer my dream. Engaging in radio and giving updates rejuvenates me making me feel like a journalist though,” he disclosed.

“If you must know I’m not just popular among listeners and presenters but also local musicians like Alphonce Kioko alias Maima who is a great friend, Kiseli of Kisovo boys band among others,” he added.

According to him, Radio management should put into consideration the listeners before killing shows giving examples of shows that ended up leaving ardent fans disappointed.

He also urged media entities to be on the front line in nurturing the talents of youths who are their biggest listeners.

“This will boost their self-esteem and also enhance listenership as it will be like a form of corporate social responsibility,” he concluded.

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