Mueke calls for Kitui and Tana River counties to establish a team to deal with Somali herders’ invasion

Former Nairobi Deputy Governor Jonathan Mueke has said that there is a need for the County Governments of Tana River, Kitui, and the National government to constitute a team to come up with a lasting solution to the Somali herders’ invasions which have been going on for a long time.

Speaking to Journalists in Twambui village, Kitui East, Mueke expressed optimism that if the counties work together then the issue will be resolved once and for all.

“The County governments of Kitui and Tana River together with the National Government should come together and come up with a lasting solution to this issue which is experienced year in year out for a long time now. I know if these two counties came together and involved the National Government, this would not have been a big issue,” Mueke said.

The politician asked the Governments’ to resolve to maintain peaceful coexistence amongst communities along the border of Kitui and Tana River counties.

A Section of residents also asked the National and County Government of Kitui to intervene and ensure they drive the camel herders back to their respective areas

The raged locals complained that the camels are from the neighboring county of Tana River and have been terrorizing them for some time now.

“These camels have really tortured us. We plant our crops with hardly any rainfall. After we have taken care of our farms and crops, camels are brought in by herders from nowhere and destroy them. We are so devastated and we are pleading with the National Government and the county of Kitui to intervene and help us send these animals back to Tana River.” One of the locals said.

Last month, A Middle-aged man from Imuumba village in Voo-Kyamatu ward, Kitui East constituency was killed by people suspected to be Somali bandits. According to the residents, the man was kidnapped on his way home.

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