MPs question Peninah Malonza on threat to walk naked and fall out with Malombe

During the vetting of Ex- Kitui Deputy Governor Peninah Malonza by the National Assembly Appointment’s committee, her fallout with Governor Malombe towards the end of the first term came up.

“Malonza, you were the Deputy Governor for the county of Kitui from 2013, you were a state officer. If you go to article 73 sub-article 1 of the constitution – Authority assigned to a State officer is a public trust to be exercised in a manner that  is consistent with the purposes and objects of this Constitution demonstrates respect for the people,  brings honor to the nation, and dignity to the office.” Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi said.

“Mrs. Malonza, it is in the public record that you had a nasty fallout with your Governor, Julius Malombe. About 5 months before the 2017 elections, you defected and teamed up with David Musila while still serving as DG under Malombe. There was an incident at a public rally in 2017 at Kisayani, Kitui south where you threatened to walk naked in the streets of Kitui in protest against Governor Malombe for instigating your woes. Malombe said you had forsaken official duties and spent much time dining with his opponents. Speaks volumes about your loyalty, values, and principles… and threat to walk naked -Serious issues of morality, ethics.” Wandayi added.

In her response, Peninah said she was misquoted and enjoyed working well with Governor Malombe.

“I remember very well the Kisayani incident, I don’t think the words were walking naked. I was serving political office and the interpretation of my words was misunderstood. I want to state that I enjoyed a cordial relationship with my Governor. My Governor was gracious to assign me 5  functions which I did very well.” Peninah Malonza said.

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