MP Mbai calls for urgent relocation of Kitui Prisons from Kitui Town

Kitui East MP, Nimrod Mbai has called for relocation of Kitui GK Prison from Kitui Municipality and its environs to a rural area.

The UDA Legislator said that moving away the prison from Kitui town will free up space for building affordable housing projects by the Kenya Kwanza Government.

He also said that the Prison has occupied large tracts of land which has hindered the expansion of the town.

“We have seen that the affordable housing projects have kicked off in other counties but in Kitui it is yet to start. We are suggesting that our President through the Ministry of Interior to see whether we can relocate Kitui Prisons to B2-Yatta in Kanyonyoo and then the land is used to grow the town,” Mbai stated.

Mbai lamented that Kitui County might be at risk of being locked out of the Kenya Kwanza Government plan for affordable housing which will create a lot of job opportunities for Kenyans.

“We don’t have a public land around Kitui town that can host the affordable housing project apart from this land being occupied by the prison, it is over 1,000 acres and located in a prime area. We are at risk of being left out in the recently rolled-out affordable housing project across the counties yet it is going to create a lot of jobs for our people. The project will be a game changer because even the Kenya Police will benefit from the affordable housing and all the government workers,” the Kitui East MP added.

Mbai also said this will be an opportunity for the President to come and launch the project where he will also help in fundraising for the ‘mama mbogas’ to boost their businesses and also get involved in the affordable housing project.

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