MP Kawaya: Governor Wavinya to blame over Baby Francis death

Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka Musau has blamed Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti over the death of Baby Francis at Machakos Level 5 Hospital.

Speaking during the burial in Mwala, Kawaya accused Wavinya of assisting County Government officials in concealing information on the death.

“The Governor is not a doctor that is fine but her silence and assisting to hide the details is questionable. We can’t blame her because she is not the doctor but we can blame her for sweeping this under the carpet and failing to recognize that the death has hurt a family. ” The Mwala MP said.

“She should be constantly on the phone with the family sympathising with them. In her first statement, she just said death is normal and you sign before surgery. Should people sign and when they get an overdose you say they signed? I did my investigations and even talked to Health CECM, he should be the custodian of the citizens’ interests and ensure people get their rights.” He added.

The legislator claimed that Baby Francis died after an overdose and not in the ICU as claimed by County officials. “From the information I have, this child left us the moment he received the medication. The doctor gave him an overdose and when they realized they started playing games. What can you achieve by buying time, we have to be responsible.” Kawaya claimed.

The legislator promised the family that he would have the investigations also handled by National Government as in the County Assembly a motion by Masii MCA Douglas Musyoka had been allegedly frustrated.

“Stopping the motion by MCA Douglas? what does that mean? The county government is not final, we have other ways to get to the bottom of this matter, this family deserves justice. This matter will also be discussed at the national level, the Governor herself should come out and console the county after the loss. As Mwala MP I’m not happy with the way the county government treated this situation. It reflects how they handle other cases that we may not know. “He reiterated.

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