Government urged to involve local nurseries in tree-planting initiatives

The government has been urged to involve local nurseries in future tree-planting initiatives to maximize benefits and support the community. 

Matungulu West MCA Raphael Nzau Lucky said utilizing nearby resources and nurseries can contribute to the success of such projects while empowering local businesses. 

According to the county lawmaker, there is no need to bring tree seedlings from far away when they are readily available in the localities. 

“We have devolution and it would have been great if these tree seedlings would have been bought from the nurseries around, I know someone with over 1000 tree seedlings and would have cashed big given the tender to supply them,” MCA Lucky said.

Additionally, he emphasized that the care of planted trees is crucial for their growth and the overall impact of addressing climate change.

His sentiments were recorded by Nguluni chief Serah Mutua who said regular watering of the trees planted is crucial when there is no rain.

Matungulu Deputy County Commissioner Evelyn Wekesa said they are targeting to plant over 10000 trees in the sub-county in line with the government’s directive.

Wekesa led other leaders in the exercise in Katine, Sengani, and Nzambani areas. Heavy rains pounded the area but did not stop the exercise.

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