Mwala: Mwiso Children’s Home Director rescues 6-month-old baby

Mwiso Children’s Home Director Annastacia Nzioka is looking for the parents of a 6-month-old baby after she rescued her.

According to the director, the baby was found on Wednesday left on the road in Kyawango area in Mwala Sub-county.

She noted that they picked up the baby with the help from the OCS Mwala police station and took the baby to the Machakos Level 5 Hospital after they found that the baby was convulsing.

Ann asked the public to help in identifying the parents so that they can come out and promised that the Children’s Home was going to help the parents in taking care of the little angel.

“On Wednesday we got a report from pupils that there was a baby that had been left on the side of the road at Kyawango Area. I called the OCS Mwala and we went to the scene and found the baby and we took her to Machakos Level 5 Hospital as she had convulsions,” said Ann.

“The baby is 6 months old and has convulsion problems though now she is stable. Am calling out on the parents to come out so that we can assist them in raising up the child,” she added.

She further called on parents that are living with kids that have health issues to come out and seek help as many organizations have come up to assist parents who are not well up to take care of their children.

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