Most improved Matungulu Schools In KCSE 2022

After the release of the 2022 KCSE results by CS Ezekiel Machogu, we take a look at the most improved schools in Matungulu.

Tala Satellite High School is a Mixed Day and Boarding Private school in Tala Town. The school registered an improvement after getting a mean score of 4.5098 compared to 2021 where they got 3.625.

Speaking to Mauvoo News the Director of the school Jackline Mwongela noted that in the KCSE 2022, the top student scored a B plain with 26 getting C plain and above and one getting a D.

She attributed the success to the discipline of the students, the commitment of teachers, and ensuring that they had manageable classes promoting a personalized mode of teaching.

“Our mean for KCSE 2021 was 3.625, while in 2022 it was 4.5098 giving us a positive deviation of 0.8848. This is attributed to the fact that we have committed teachers and students. Our class sizes are manageable, therefore we used a personalized approach to teaching. Teachers were able to tackle each individual student’s needs,” Jackline said.

Katwanyaa High School a Mixed Day and Boarding school was not left behind after improving from a means score of 4.1 in 2021 to 4.7 in 2022.

According to school principal David Muange, this improvement was a sign that they would continue on ensuring that they aim higher in the other exams.2 students scored a B plus, 3 B constant, 11 B minus, and 18 C plus.

Kambusu Day and Mixed Secondary School registered a positive deviation of 1.12. The school had a mean grade of 4.1 compared to 2021 where they had a mean grade of 2.98.

Father Heeran Girls High School registered a positive deviation of 0.04 after getting a mean grade of 6.0001. They had 4 B plain,9 B minus, 27 C plus, 53 C plain,33 C minus,9 D plus, and 2 D plain.

Damaris Muriuki the principal of Father Heeran said that the school had posed great improvements over the years and all this was attributed to teamwork between the teachers, students, and parents.

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