Kitondo, Mbooni Boys, Makueni and Kisau Girls 2022 KCSE Results

Here’s how some of the leading schools in Makueni County performed in the 2022 KCSE Examinations results released by CS Ezekiel Machogu Friday.

Mbooni Girls had a mean score of 8.9 with two girls scoring A plain. 30 candidates had an A- while 57 managed B+. 46 had B plain while 33 had B-. The last four students scored C- and the school had a positive deviation of 0.63.

In Kitondo Boys, the top student had A-. 8 students had B+ while 14 students had a B plain, 24 Students got a B minus, 46 C+, 31 students got a C constant, 15 scored C- while the last five students had D+.

Out of the 144 students who sat for the exam 93 will join the university. The school managed a mean mark of 7.04.

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Kisau Girls also performed well with a mean of 7.165 where the first ten students scored B+.30 students got a B plain while 61 got a B-. 82 managed a C+ while 49 had a C plain.

25 students got C- and the rest three got D+. 183 students out of the 260 who did the exam will join the university.

Makueni Girls with 247 candidates had a mean of 7.102 in 2022 KCSE an improvement of 6.74 in 2021 KCSE. One student scored A constant, 7 B plus, 32 B constant, 48 B minus, 71 C plus, 67 C constant, 15 C minus, 4 D plus, and 1 D constant.

St. Joseph Girls Kibwezi recorded an improvement of 0.23 to post a mean of 7.48 in KCSE 2022. 9 candidates had A minus, 13 B plus, 38 B constant, 55 B minus, 70 C plus, 56 C constant, 7 C minus, 3 D plus and one D constant.

Mbooni Boys improved to 6.5 mean from 6.113 in 2021. The school had 363 candidates. 5 scored A minus, 13 B plus, 35 B constant, 48 B minus, 65 C plus, 86 C constantt, 60 C minus, 39 D plus, 10 D constant, 1 D minus, and 1 E.

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