Mentally Challenged Man living in a toilet Burns To Death In Athiriver

A mentally disturbed man from Athiriver Township in Mavoko Subcounty of Machakos county was burned beyond recognition.

Confirming the incident Athiriver Township Assistant Chief Charles Ngomo noted that the man was a mkokoteni pusher in the area.

He revealed the deceased who was known to many as a professor used to stay in an abandoned toilet in the area and it seems that the mattress he was sleeping on caught fire and he could not rescue himself.

“A man who collects garbage around here has been burnt beyond recognition. The cause of the fire has not been established yet but he is known as ‘professor’ and has a mkokoteni he pushes here in the market,” Ngomo said.

“We have found his body at his house which was an abandoned toilet because it had no door and it seemed that his mattress caught fire and he had no one to rescue him,” he added.

He further called on parents to take care of their children, especially the ones who are mentally unstable instead of leaving them and abandoning them with no help.

“Parents need to take care of their children because in this case this man was just neglected and if he had been taken care of none of this would have happened to him,” Ngomo advised.

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