22-year old man on the run after stabbing lover to death in Machakos

Investigations to the murder of a 21-year old woman who was found lying lifeless in Masavoni village, Mutituni, Machakos County have started.

According to the area chief, Ancent Nzioki, the woman, who had been stabbed severally on her head, neck and chest was attacked by her lover after they had a squabble.

“We received a call informing us that there is a lady who had an argument with his lover which resulted in the man assaulting the girlfriend where he stabbed her severally on her head, face, neck, and chest. We arrived there and confirmed the reports and sadly, the lady had already died when we arrived,” the chief said.

The chief further said that they have launched a manhunt for the 22-year-old man who disappeared after the heinous act that left the residents of Mutituni in shock and disbelief.

“I want to ask our people to remain calm and alert. We have launched a manhunt for the man who fled after the inhumane act. Once we get him, we shall start investigations and take the culprit to court so that he can face the law,” he added.

Nzioki also advised young people to desist from abusing drugs and keeping bad company, saying such vices might have influenced the young man to commit such a heinous act.

The local administrator also urged couples to find amicable ways of resolving their issues and part ways peacefully in cases of irreconcilable issues instead of harming and killing each other.

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