Meet school dropout from Machakos who has constructed Aeroplane

A middle-aged man from Kaveani in Machakos county is the talk of the town after constructing an Aeroplane.

Vundi Muasya started as a mechanic but Something in him kept pushing him to invent something. During an interview, he disclosed that he dropped out of school in Form one. His passion for planes began in 1986 when he was in class 6.

“The late president Daniel Moi came to Kathiani with a plane, he came with a vehicle but left with a helicopter. I went to look at the plane and was fascinated by it and since that day something was born in me,” Muasya narrated.

Muasya noted that after leaving school in Form One, he joined a polytechnic to pursue a course in mechanical engineering.

After the first month, he dropped out after realizing that he knew most of the things they were being taught at the school.

“I started working as a mechanic in class 6 and by the time I was in form one, I was very familiar with what needs to be known by mechanics. When I joined the polytechnic, I had to drop out. They were being taught most of the things I was aware of for years,” he narrated.

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Apart from the construction of an aeroplane, Muasya disclosed that he also made a coffee husk remover machine at one time and sold it.

His first trial in the construction of an aeroplane was with wood using his uncle’s generator.

“It began as a dream and I brought the dream to reality. My first plane was made out of woods and with the help of another guy we did the job for two months. With everything in place we tried turning it on, and it flew up and crashed in a field almost injuring us but for me, I was so excited,” Muasya revealed.

“I tried making the second one but left it halfway because of lack of funds. This is the third one that I began in 2019. Although the Coronavirus pandemic struck the country, I had to pause the construction until when the lockdown was lifted,” he added.

Muasya’s dream is to get known and get help to advance his skills arguing that he can make a good engineer.

“I can say I’m gifted because I have never gotten into an airplane but this one here performs like the others. The engine belongs to a motorbike and the pulley and the fuel tank belong to a water pump,” Muasya said pointing at his masterpiece.

He says the plane is not complete but he hopes to fly it once it’s done confirming that he has so far used over Kshs. 200,000 in construction.

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