Meet Powerful Kitui Witchdoctor Politicians visit ahead of elections

Dr. Quick Kinyamasyo is not a new name, he is a renowned Witchdoctor from Mbitini, Kitui county. The witch doctor boasts of serving powerful and high-end clients whom you would not believe visit him.

In a previous interview, Kinyamasyo who has practiced for over 20 years disclosed that he attends to close to 300 people in a day. His clients come from different countries since he has made a name for himself.

He charges 1000 shillings as consultation fees and after knowing what his patient is suffering from, treats them and makes them swear to pay after recovering.

He said that just before elections the number of politicians visiting him increases as they all want to win different seats.

“Politicians also come with the desire to subdue their competitors. Some seek immunity from the evil that their enemies might be plotting. I cannot reveal names, but most of them need my protection when they are vying for political seats,” Kinyamasyo added.

The protection he offers them is known as ‘Ngata’ in Kamba a meal comprising of arterial blood and goat intestines.

Instructions about the ‘Ngata’ are to not shower for three days or even engage in any form of witchcraft and failure to obey such can lower the effect of the ‘treatment’.

Due to his popularity, he has earned himself a lot of clients. Also, he gets to travel when out of the country as he does his work. While visiting his clients in both offices Kinyamasyo dons expensive suits and carries a briefcase full of his work paraphernalia.

Catching a glimpse of him and you would confuse him with a politician.
He says most of his political clients triumph in elections since all they need to do is believe in the treatment.

The 51-year-old man says he inherited the trade from his ancestors and after school, he could not ignore the forces in him.

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