MCA Mulandi Condemns Brutality on Journalists Covering Mutonguni Boys Leadership Dispute

Mutonguni Ward MCA Benjamin Mulandi an alumnus of Mutonguni Boys Secondary School, has expressed deep disappointment over the reported police brutality against journalists covering the leadership dispute at the school.

Journalists Musembi Nzengu from The Star and Mercy Mueni of Mbaitu FM were allegedly injured by police officers from Dolos, Kabati, and Mutonguni during their coverage of the contentious leadership disagreement at Mutonguni Boys Secondary School in Kitui County.

MCA Mulandi, in a stern statement, decried the incident, saying, “Journalists who had come to report the news in this area, we have seen them; one almost had his hand broken, the lady journalist almost got undressed. This is so bad and should be condemned. Whoever sent the police should be told that we are not impressed by the act of security injuring the journalist.”

The journalists were on assignment to shed light on the tensions surrounding the appointment of the current school head. Parents, vehemently opposing the current leadership due to the school’s recent academic challenges, were the focus of their coverage.

During their reporting, both Musembi Nzengu and Mercy Mueni allegedly faced acts of police brutality. Nzengu almost suffered a broken hand, while Mueni faced the threat of being undressed. This disturbing incident has ignited discussions about the safety and freedom of journalists in the line of duty, particularly when covering sensitive issues.

The Media Council of Kenya took note of the incident and is actively monitoring the case. Calls for a comprehensive investigation into the actions of the involved police officers are growing, with a strong emphasis on holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

MCA Mulandi’s strong condemnation reflects the widespread concern over the use of excessive force against journalists attempting to perform their duties. The incident underscores the pressing need for greater protection for journalists and emphasizes the critical importance of upholding press freedom.

Local authorities, including the police and the Media Council of Kenya, now face mounting pressure to ensure a fair and thorough investigation into the matter. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges journalists face while covering sensitive issues and underscores the necessity of safeguarding their well-being in the pursuit of truth.

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