Kitui Central MP Aspirant and Veteran Journalist Request to IEBC Concerning Journalists

Renowned Journalist and former KBC Presenter Boniface Musambi, who is eyeing the Kitui Central MP seat has called upon the IEBC to give a chance to journalists to vote for political leaders in the August elections.

Musambi stated that the journalists are denied the chance to vote since they might be on Duty in polling stations that they are not registered voters; thus, they should be allowed to vote where they are covering elections.

Musambi called upon the Media Council of Kenya to work in hand with IEBC to ensure that journalists vote because it’s their democratic right.

“I wrote a letter to the IEBC telling them that journalists have never voted, and I would like them to be voting all over the country. The IEBC answered me that they would look into that issue, so I want them to kindly collaborate with the Media Council of Kenya to put a plan to see journalists voting in the August polls. These people interviewing me here may be my votes, but you will find that some of them are in Nairobi, Machakos, and other parts of the country. I wish Media Council and IEBC could do this,” Musambi said.

The UDA aspirant also reiterated that journalists need to be given security, especially during campaigns and elections, because some politicians tend to threaten them while doing their duties.

“There should be no journalist who is beaten, insulted, or their gadgets destroyed during this political campaign period. If there will be anyone who will do that to them, I will also assemble people we march on the streets demonstrating,” he stated.

Musambi also called upon the politicians to keep their politics out of journalists and leave them to cover the news without being threatened or influenced.

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