Matungulu Parents urged to take care of children as new rescue center is opened

Parents in Matungulu sub-county of Machakos County have been urged to prioritize the well-being of their children by providing them with the necessary care and attention for healthy development.

Speaking in Matuu Jackson Mutie, founder Grace Children’s home said that it is bad for a parent to give birth to a child and then neglect or dump them.

Mutie noted that the community should play its role in ensuring no child lacks basic needs.

“Give birth to children you can take care of, don’t give birth and neglect the kids just because children’s homes are there,” Mutie said.

Mutie had joined other trustees to launch Anderson Rays of Hope Children’s Center which will cater to babies.

According to Mutie, the newly launched institution will create job opportunities for locals and urging them to work closely with the administrators.

Speaking at the event area assistant chief  Benjamin Muinde narrated how a newborn baby was found abandoned by the roadside by a schoolgirl who had given birth on the way to the hospital.

He said the baby was spotted by passersby who heard its cries and brought the baby to the administration offices.

“We are glad because this institution will cater to destitute and vulnerable babies like the case of the child found by the roadside. We later found the parent of the kid but we could not give them the child because we are not sure they would protect it,”Muinde said.

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