Matungulu MP takes on Ruto over taxes

Matungulu MP Stephen Mule has come out guns blazing at the Ruto administration over taxes and cost of living.

Speaking at Matungulu NGCDF offices in Tala, Mule said that it did not make sense to remove cooking gas taxes when foodstuffs prices are still unaffordable.

He noted that not many people use cooking gas but if the government wanted to remove taxes on cooking gas they should do so in foodstuffs as well to cushion the common mwananchi.

“Instead of removing taxes from cooking gas, you need to remove all the taxes on foodstuffs, maize flour, cooking oil, sugar, and milk. Prices need to go down so that even the common mwananchi can be able to feed themselves,” said Mule.

“Now if you remove the cooking gas tax, how many Kenyans use cooking gas in their homestead, and how many schools use cooking gas? For Kenyans to be comfortable we need to reduce the cost of living,” he added.

During International Women’s Day celebrations, President Ruto promised to remove taxes on gas from July 2023. The president also promised to triple Women’s Enterprise Fund (WEF) to 13.5B from the current 4.5B.

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