Matelemya hitmaker Zipporah Eric drops another song about men

After criticizing some men for not providing for their families in Matelemya hit song, Zipporah Eric is now back with a new song about men.

Zipporah Eric has released a new song dubbed “Kana Kaume” which is celebrating the Boy child.

In the song, she sings of the labor men go through to ensure their families are well off but no one praises them and she has chosen to celebrate them.

Umunthi twavangithya kyathi kinene kya ndwae none nau maeke kwona ta moolile,kana kaume Tana niwalilikanwa.(today we have planned an event to go see our fathers so that they do not feel like they have been forgotten, today boy child has been remembered, ” part of the song goes.

“Your clothes become rags because of fencing jobs. Let me dress you for you really struggled. We planned this event to come and call you my hero. You’re remembered, You’re remembered. Rejoice Boy child for you have been remembered.” The singer adds in the song (translated).

Zipporah praises men for the success of the ladies noting that they are where they are today because of men.

Here are some reactions to the song;

Abed Challo Katue said, “This is super ELECTRIFYING! Congrats to #TeamZippy. Boy child you’ve been remembered!”

Senior Brian said, “Wow. A great song. You now deserve our African masculine cognizance.
Live long the King,”

Jackie Mwangi said, “Love the energy, especially at the climax! Beautiful lyrics and Thank you for always including the translations.”

Kim Dhe Lastborn said,” we have stopped being mateeeesh,”

Nicodemus Kilonzo said, “Boy child ni mtu wa kupewa heshima ona ketha ni itelemya ,”

Faith Kay, “Thank you Zipporah for a special dedication to our dads actually that is one of the main entry of our blessings Congratulations gal.”

Virginia said, “It’s my year & dad……I must celebrate this man this year…God see me through,,,, thanks zippy for reminding us to luv them more.”

Vicky Kisambi said,”Weeee cogratulations zipporah Eric hii song iko sawa I wish my father was alive…ningeenda kumuona na hii ikuwe dedication kwake.”

Robert Kilaa added, “Zipporah you have a talent that can make you carry more weight of your glory…May God help you to guard the seed He has deposited in you…Muiyo ona wiva ethiwa ukethesya Yeova akautumia…Amen…More blessings mummy.”

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