Makueni Preacher ‘Prophesies’ Raila’s death

Makueni Preacher Apostle Nicholas Mwongela has ‘prophesied’ that Azimio leader Raila Odinga is in his sunset days.

In a sermon on Youtube, Mwongela said this would also be the fate of all leaders and clergymen who think the will of God cannot be done in Kenya.

“Raila be warned, according to me and a meeting I had with God last year, you have been given a few days to see if you can change. I also met with God last week and he showed me your days are ticking like the clock. Soon and very soon you will know Kenya Belongs to God and you did not give your life to yourself. If you don’t repent you are living in your last days.” Apostle Mwongela said.

“The angels of Jehonam are ready to receive you and not you alone, all the leaders and clergymen who think God’s purpose will not be done in Kenya. Count yourself dead and forgotten. Thus says Apostle Nicholas Man of God. I hear from God. If you want to call reach me on 0700217222. Raila, God told me he has given you just one chance.” Mwongela added.

Apostle Mwongela went on to allege that Raila was full of mockery to God.

“Raila Odinga, God told me you are worshipped as God in this nation and he is demanding to be worshipped- him and him alone. If you don’t repent God is going to wipe you. God told me he will do it to be a warning to all other leaders. I am not a regular preacher.” He went on.

The Video;

Mwongela first made headlines last year when he walked from Makueni to statehouse Nairobi with his family saying he had a special message for the President then. He did not make it to meet president Uhuru but met then-Deputy President William Ruto.

In another video, Mwongela lauded the 3 Ukambani Governors for working with President William Ruto and questioning what the Kamba community got after the 2018 handshake. He criticized the recent Azimio Prayers at Jacaranda and added that God was tired of Raila and he was going to do away with him.

“Those meetings that people are running to when they hear Raila is coming somewhere, I say it is good because you are seeing Raila for the last time. You will never see him again. God told me his days are over. Kalonzo I told you did the wrong choice by supporting Raila. You called false prophets to give you Kenya but they gave you your coffins.” The preacher reiterated.

Apostle Mwongela went ahead to symbolically uproot an orange tree seedling and set it on fire and claimed that was the ODM Party saying he had also uprooted Raila spiritually. He proceeded to burn a flag with Azimio colors and said that Azimio demonstrations will not spoil the country.

Ahead of the August elections, he also predicted William Ruto’s victory. Missed the story? check it out below;

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