Kalonzo supports Wajackoyah on Bhang

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka says Bhang commonly referred to as weed is not as bad as many people portray it.

Speaking in Vihiga during Azimio People’s Baraza, Kalonzo noted that he supports former presidential candidate George Wajackoyah’s stand on the commercialization of Marijuana.

According to Kalonzo as long as the herb is not abused then it can be of great help.

“Let me tell you what some countries call weed can be used for medical purposes, you may have not understood Wajackoyah but he was right,” said Kalonzo.

The Wiper leader in his speech took a shot at President William Ruto over his ‘hustler’ slogan.

The former Vice President said it’s satirical how Ruto calls himself the chief hustler but he’s not batting an eyelid while ordinary citizens are suffering.

He questioned the proposed increment in university fees noting that this was a plan to deny Kenyans Higher education.

“What kind of hustler are you, the children of real hustlers are at home suffering without food. The important thing for our children is education and you can’t debt them that, “Kalonzo added.

Kalonzo further went ahead to explain the great plans for Education they had as Azimio team had they won the August elections. This included free education all the way to the university.

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