Makueni Preacher and his Family Begin 140km Journey on foot to Deliver special message to Uhuru

Apostle Nicholas Mwongela and his family last evening on the way to state House. (Photo - Courtesy)

A Makueni preacher Apostle Nicholas Mwongela shocked Kenyans after beginning a Journey to Statehouse on foot to see president Uhuru Kenyatta.

The preacher hailing from Kalawa in Mbooni sub-county is accompanied by his wife and 5 children. The family of seven who started the journey last evening will walk on foot to Nairobi in a bid to meet Uhuru.

According to Mwongela, he has a message from God for the president concerning the upcoming General Elections.

“I wish to deliver the message personally, everyone has a responsibility to ensure free fair, and peaceful elections. That is why I and my family will go and see the president and deliver the message,” Apostle Mwongela told the press.

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When asked why he had to include his young children in the voyage he noted that they would be representing the other children of Kenya. He added that they had to go on foot to demonstrate the importance of the message.

Apart from the President, Apostle Mwongela revealed that he has been praying and fasting for the country and has messages for several leaders whom he will seek an audience with later.

His actions have raised an online debate with netizens questioning why he had to include the children in his trip since he is the one who understood its urgency and importance.

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