Makueni Preacher Gives President Uhuru 48 Hours ultimatum to call him to State House

Apostle Nicholas Mwongela, a Makueni preacher who shocked many by traveling from Wote in Makueni County to State House Nairobi on foot is back again with an ultimatum to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The preacher went to State House on foot together with his family claiming that he had a message from God that he wanted to deliver to the president.

Speaking during an interview with a local TV station, Apostle Mwongela gave the President an ultimatum of 48 hours to call him to State House failure to which he would release the name of the leader going to succeed him.

Mwongela claimed that the message he had from God was important and the state should have taken it seriously noting that if the president was not going to call him to State House by Friday he would go public on who is going to be the next president of Kenya.

“It is been 3 months since I came out and said I had a message from the Lord to the president, even if he was busy, that time has been long, you want to tell me God should wait for a man to finish up his business so that he can address God? That is rudeness,” Apostle Mwongela said.

“Before I speak what the Lord has declared in this country and who is going to be the next president, I give president Uhuru 48 hours from midnight today till Friday to call me to state house because God has already chosen a leader and this election is entirely upon him,” he added.

He further said that the message that he was going to give on Friday was a lead so that people can prepare themselves mentally and start to familiarise themselves with the incoming president.

“You know people always have high expectations. I want people who had high expectations or had planned for the coming government to start preparing themselves because I have to deliver this message whether it comes to pass or not,” Mwongela went on.

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