Machakos woman emotional message to Ruto after Portland house was demolished

A 28-year-old woman on TikTok by the name of Francie shared a New Year message to President Ruto after her house was demolished last year in disputed Portland Cement Land.

In the emotional video, the devastated woman is standing on the debris that she claims she and her family once called home. She alleges to have spent around Ksh 4.2 million during construction. The video depicts the devastating repercussions and significant financial and psychological costs incurred by her and her family.

She pleads with President Ruto to heed her cry for help saying that she is an orphan. She goes on to request the head of state for an invitation to State House for them to talk about the prospect of him offering her aid.

Francie also mentioned that she had adhered to all required formal processes in the acquisition of that piece of land. She noted that she paid a visit to the Ministry of Lands, Machakos County, and did her search before purchasing the piece of land.

“Please Mr. President, where I stand is where once stood my family home. It is the end of the year and I pray you are moved to help me. I’m an orphan who has worked hard for what I have acquired. I followed all the formal processes while acquiring this land, like visiting the Ministry of Lands in Machakos County. Please welcome me to the statehouse so we can talk about how you can help me…” Francie in the video that has since gone viral said.

Some netizens took to the comments to sympathize with the distressed woman’s TikTok plea.

Willies Wizzooh said, “Those doubting 4 million on 3 bedrooms, go to your village and construct a complete toilet. Utajua mjengo ni kusema nini”

Man_pc_again said,”People talking about 4 million Na hawajawahi Shika 50k Kwa account… building is so expensive usijaribu kama huwezi”

Kasee said, “The same God who gave you health and wisdom to build your own house is the same God who will wipe your TEARS”

user72054677087523 added, “I know God will answer our prayers in due time this has been the worst Government since we gained our independence”

Last Year, hundreds of family homes, schools, churches, and businesses in the disputed Portland cement land were demolished resulting in losses and a huge outcry from victims and section of politicians.

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