Hatukuogopi! Kalonzo and Wavinya take on Moses Kuria over Portland eviction threats

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka and Governor Wavinya Ndeti have hit out at Trade CS Moses Kuria over remarks that he was going to evict squatters from the disputed Portland Cement land.

Speaking during the swearing-in of Machakos County CECs Kalonzo asked President Ruto to tame some of his ministers asking them to instead focus on cleaning River Athi.

“Moses Kuria expects Ruto to get votes from Machakos? Let the president put order in some of the utterances of his ministers. They are overzealous, wameangukia manono, they want to get away with big loot, but you can’t get away with the loot of people of Machakos…”Kalonzo said.

“They should be cleaning the water of Athi River. We have no squatters, we have residents and investors. One time I had to write to Uhuru because the county commissioner had been given a budget of 30 million to demolish houses in daystar. I wrote to President Uhuru and he stopped that action. President Ruto, please silence Moses Kuria.” He added.

Speaking during the function, Wavinya said it was unwise for a minister to raise claims about land he knew nothing about and threaten the people who gave out the land to Portland.

“I want to tell you Moses Kuria, you have just been given the seat of a minister and before you start talking down on us and commanding us as people of Machakos, come and sit down with us and know what the problem is,” Wavinya said.

“Those who are lying to you have stolen our land, we gave that land for mining no one bought it and we are not going to allow that Moses Kuria. Na sisi hatukuogopi,” she added.

Wavinya further revealed that she was going to talk to President William Ruto over the remarks the CS Trade made noting that she was not against development in the land but people ought to be consulted.

“I will talk to His Excellency because his ministers cannot be coming to threaten us, they should consult first before anything. I am governor and I do not go about doing things without talking to the people and consulting,” she added.

Wavinya revealed that Moses Kuria recorded his speech and send her the video on WhatsApp. When she tried calling the Trade CS, he didn’t answer.

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