Machakos Health CECM Daniel Yumbya Speaks on Katangi accident

Daniel Yumbya Machakos County Health CECM Monday evening addressed the press over the grisly accident in Katangi along the Machakos-Kitui highway.

The incident, attributed to a failure in the matatus braking system, has left a trail of devastation, claiming 9 lives and 30 people with severe injuries.

Yumbya revealed that initial assessments indicate the loss of eight lives at the scene of the accident, with an additional fatality occurring upon the arrival of one victim at the hospital. Further, 18 individuals are currently hospitalized, with 5 of them battling critical injuries.

In response to the emergency, Daniel Yumbya revealed that swift action was taken, with eight ambulances dispatched to the scene to provide immediate assistance and transport the injured to medical facilities.

“8 people are confirmed dead, from the ambulances we have received 18 patients and 5 are in critical condition while the rest are receiving treatment. I want to thank locals who helped the victims at the accident scene.”Yumbya said.

“I want to ask relatives to wait where we have shown them and give doctors ample time to treat the patients. One minute of disruption can lead to loss of life. I have closed the casualty to visitors for now. I will give more updates.” He added.

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