KICOTEC workers down tools demanding Unpaid Salaries

Kitui County Textile Centre (KICOTEC) employees in Syongila, Kitui Central, voiced their grievances Monday in a peaceful demonstration held outside Trade CECM Rose Mutuku office. The workers claim they have not received their salaries since October of last year, leading to significant financial hardships, including the threat of eviction due to rent arrears.

The employees, carrying placards and chanting slogans, made their way to the office of CECM Rose Mutuku to draw attention to their dire situation and demand the immediate disbursement of their overdue salaries.

worker, expressing the frustration of the group, stated, “We are here to push so that we get our salary. Unless we push for this, we will get paid. The governor does not know that we are not paid; that is why we want our issue to be aired. Every time when we ask about our salary, we are told to wait and remain patient.”

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The workers further elaborated that the delay in salary disbursement has resulted in them facing eviction from their residences, as they are unable to meet rent obligations. This has exacerbated the financial strain on the employees, who emphasize that they have been patient for months while waiting for their rightful compensation.

The aggrieved employees are now calling on Governor Julius Malombe to intervene and address their concerns urgently. They hope that by bringing attention to their predicament, they can prompt swift action and ensure the timely payment of their salaries.

CECM Rose Mutuku assured the demonstrators that she would escalate their concerns to the relevant authorities, pledging to work towards a resolution to ensure the employees receive their outstanding payments without further delay.

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