Maanzo reveals Azimio’s plans for families that lost loved ones during demos

Makueni senator Daniel Maanzo has revealed Azimio’s plans for families that lost loved ones during last week’s demos.

Maanzo said the Azimio coalition will go to court to push for the government to compensate the families of people killed during demos.

Speaking in Makueni, The Senator claimed that most people who were killed were not even in the demonstrations and the police who were involved should be prosecuted.

“We will go to court because demos are not illegal but lives were lost, like the boy killed in Emali was not demonstrating and the officer who fired the shot is known and should face the law soonest,” Maanzo said.

He noted that Cabinet Secretary Trade Moses Kuria’s threats of interfering with the planned demos should not be taken lightly.

The Senator reiterated that the demos are supported even by the United Nations adding that Ruto and Kuria should be prosecuted at the ICC.

“Ruto should stop sending police to interfere with the demos and nothing will be destroyed or stolen,” He added.

Maanzo spoke at AIC Kilungu in Kaiti where he was accompanied by area Member of Parliament Joshua Kimilu.

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