Maanzo: If it were not for Sonko Ruto would have lost

Makueni Senator Daniel Maanzo has claimed that if Sonko had not shifted from Azimio to Kenya Kwanza President William Ruto would not have won the last general elections.

Speaking in Makueni, Maanzo said that Raila’s win was certain until Sonko changed camps.

He noted that the Kamba votes were intact in Azimio before Sonko went to Kenya Kwanza thus going with a section of the votes.

“Whatever Sonko has said is true, the Kamba community needs to be united during general elections. William Ruto would not have won if not for the votes Sonko took from Azimio to Kenya Kwanza, he(Ruto) would be the one in demos today,” said Maanzo.

Maanzo was responding to Sonko who had said that the Kamba community has always been divided every time there are general elections.

Sonko said that if only the community was organized and united then delivering the presidency would be easy.

“I would pray in the future our leaders would think carefully about this issue because our votes are always scattered, “said Sonko.

The leaders spoke at the burial ceremony of, Monica Kithatu, aunt to Mike Sonko who passed on last week.

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