Kalonzo: IG Koome will be prosecuted at ICC

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has disclosed that the Azimio coalition plans on instituting a case against Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Speaking at Full Gospel Church in Mwingi, Kitui county on Sunday Kalonzo observed that Koome should pay for the deaths caused during the Azimio protests last week.

The Azimio co-principal claimed that Koome is using police to break the law by killing civilians engaging in demos adding that the ICC is aware of everything.

“In the country, you may interfere with democracy and delivery of justice but there is a higher court which sits at the Hague and the rules of engagement are very clear that a person who carries the highest responsibility in the police service who gives orders to kill people will be held responsible,” said Kalonzo.

“It is in the constitution that every Kenyan has a right to picket and demonstrate the only thing that is not allowed is carrying of weapons,” added Kalonzo.

He alleged that the destruction of property that was witnessed happened after police started using force on the people. Kalonzo also commended the courts opining that recently they(courts) have tried being fair in their judgments.

Other leaders who had accompanied Kalonzo include Mwingi central Member of Parliament Gideon Mulyungi, Kitui West MP Charles Nguna, Kitui Senator Enock Kiio Wambua, and Kitui speaker Kevin Kinengo.

The leaders seconded Kalonzo’s remarks stating that the police should be protecting the lives of the people and not taking them.

“If the Government of today cannot protect its citizens then it is high time they vacate office,” said Senator Wambua.

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