Kitui South: Pupils benefit from First Daughter ZeroBarefoot campaign

Cabinet Secretary for EAC, ASALs, and Regional Development Penina Malonza and Rachael Kaki, MP Kitui South hosted the first daughter Charlene Ruto in Kitui South Constituency to put a smile to 3000 barefooted pupils with shoes.

Ms Charlene visited Kitui South on Monday and Tuesday, 4th June 2024 to further her countrywide ZeroBarefoot Campaign meant to mitigate the shame of pupils walking barefooted.

In her ZeroBareFootCampaign, Charlene said that it is helping kids who can’t afford shoes to have at least a pair in the countrywide blitz to mitigate the shame of pupils walking barefooted.

“According to me, it is unacceptable that in this day and age, you can have a young person attending school without a pair of shoes. This is why I agreed to be the patron of the Zero Barefoot Campaign and environment initiative aimed at providing shoes to school children,” she said.

Speaking at Itumba Primary School in Kitui South Penina Malonza called for unity among leaders to create a conducive environment for development and social cohesion in the Country.

Malonza also used the opportunity to spell out some of her achievements as she served in the Kenya Kwanza government initially at the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and National Heritage and her current docket.

While serving in her last ministry, she initiated the establishment of the Kasaala Tourist Gate in Tsavo East National Park to help locals benefit from the tourism industry value chain.

“I also ensured victims of snake bites and other wildlife attacks who were forgotten were compensated to the tune of Sh. 900 million. Another Sh.1.1 billion for compensation was budgeted for the same purpose the following year,” said Malonza.

She said her current ministry had come up with a myriad of initiatives towards East African Community integration. Penina added that several community resilience development projects have been set up in 24 arid and semi-arid counties.

CS Malonza hit out at Kitui leaders rubbishing the government initiative to distribute food support to needy families. She said it was meant to alleviate suffering in disaster situations.

At the occasion, CS Malonza and MP Nyamai agreed to bury any differences and cultivate unity and a harmonious working relationship so that the residents of their home Kitui South region would enjoy desired services. MP Nyamai said the appointment of Malonza to the cabinet was a boon and a big honor to the people of Kitui South and Kitui County at large. She thus urged leaders in Kitui South to work in harmony with the CS.

Members of the community who live around the schools also benefited from food aid from the Ministry of East African Community, ASALs, and Regional Development.

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