Johnson Muthama takes charge of Ruto’s presidential campaign in South Eastern Region

As we inch closer to the start of the official campaign period, the two main coalitions, Kenya Kwanza and Azimio la Umoja have put together strong campaign teams for their presidential campaigns.

The coalitions are leaving nothing to chance. Key political figures are leading the campaigns in their regions and have committed to delivering their regional votes.

During the unveiling of his running mate, DP William Ruto who is the Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate presented the names of leaders who will take charge of his campaigns in each region. In Ukambani, unlike the Azimio la Umoja team which seems to have internal infights between Kalonzo Musyoka and some leaders, Kenya Kwanza settled on Johnson Muthama, the UDA Chairman and Machakos County Gubernatorial candidate to lead Ruto’s campaigns.

In a meeting with Ruto and UDA leaders from Ukambani, Muthama pointed out that although Chap Chap has joined Kenya Kwanza, the regional politics should have clear separation with Chap Chap running their own show.

“As the Chairman of UDA, I will only market UDA candidates in all gatherings in Ukambani. I will not share any platform with Chap Chap, they should do their own campaigns, but we are happy that they are supporting the DP”, Muthama said.

While in the same meeting, the DP is said to have approved Muthama, Jonathan Mueke (Kitui governor candidate), Prof. Emmanuel Mutisya (Makueni Governor Candidate), Adelina Mwau (Makueni Women Rep Candidate, and Peninnah Malonza (Kitui Women Rep Candidate).

This team according to sources at the party will work with all UDA aspirants as the presidential campaign leaders across the South Eastern region.

As a show of his commitment to forming the next Government with the Kamba community, the DP said that he was ready to sign an agreement with the region on the share of government that the community will get. This is on top of the commitments that are outlined in the South Eastern bottom-up economic development charter.

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