Kitui religious leaders ask Kalonzo to join Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza

A section of religious leaders from Kitui have asked Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka to join President-Elect William Ruto and forget about the past differences they have had.

The Clergy led by Bishop Ezekiel Muendo of Kingly Seasoned Missionary Churches reiterated that the Kamba community has been in opposition for a long time and this is the high time Kalonzo unites with Ruto for the Kamba community to benefit from the Kenya Kwanza government.

The religious leaders pointed out that the political season that was marred with insults, blackmail, and deceit is over and thus the political leaders should leave their political differences to ensure that the country moves forward in terms of development. Bishop Muendo leading the clergy said that the Kamba community should not be in opposition again for another five years and Kalonzo should unite with other Kamba leaders and work with William Ruto.

“I want to thank the people who accepted the voice of the Lord and elected leaders who are God chosen. We as religious leaders in Ukambani call on Kalonzo who is our leader and kingpin to unite all the elected leaders and as he always tells us that we should change our bow, we also tell him to change his mind and support William Ruto because we want to be in government and not opposition. Our people need water, better roads, and development which we can’t get when we are in opposition, that’s why we want all Ukambani leaders to join Ruto because he is already a President-elect according to Gods direction and what was announced by the IEBC,” Bishop Titus Kyalo of Kingdom Celebration Center said.

The religious leaders also congratulated the President-Elect for being announced the winner and urged those who were not contented with the results to seek legal means and avoid influencing the residents to cause chaos. They urged all the Kenyans to maintain peace just the way they did during the election period. “

We congratulate president-elect William Ruto together with his Deputy and thank the Kamba community for voting for their preferred leaders and keeping the peace during the electioneering period. For those who didn’t get enough votes, we tell them that there is always a next time and they should remain calm and work with those who were elected. Our leaders like Kalonzo should also mentor young leaders who will take over after him from 2027. When Ruto was declared the president, here in Kitui celebrations were all over and I want to say that if a certain coalition or parties go to court and they declare that there will be a re-run I want to assure that in case of repeat polls, the Kamba community will be behind Ruto,” Bishop Muendo stated.

They also called upon other religious leaders who had their own opinions and political stand to team up with the elected leaders and accept the will of the people.

“Let’s support Ruto for us to get development especially here in Kitui where there has been underdevelopment and when our leaders work together with him, change will be seen in Lower Eastern. I believe that there was God’s power because we prayed to get good leaders who mean well for our people,” Bishop Joseph Mitau of Deliverance Healing and Restoration Ministries added.

Bishop Paul Kitemange of Nuru Worship Center echoed the words of the other religious leaders calling upon the clergy and political leaders to work together with the new government without considering the side they were supporting before the elections.

“The Kamba community should be united to get our people out of poverty because our region has a lot of needs that can’t be solved when we are not united, we should support the leadership that God has given us without lamenting over the past,” he said.

They also requested Ruto to work with the religious leaders just the way he did when he was campaigning and give them jobs because some of them have honorary degrees, and doctorates and are qualified to serve as Cabinet Secretaries, Chief Administrative Secretaries, Ambassadors, and other jobs in the government.

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