Kitui East MP issues stern warning to Azimio Supporters in his constituency over demos

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai has sworn that he will not allow a demonstration organized by Azimio to take place in his Constituency.

Speaking at a function in his Constituency, Mbai said that it would be over his dead body that demonstrations will happen in his Constituency.

“I shall not allow any demos in Kitui East. You will know that Mbai is a man the day I will find any Baraza in Kitui East saying Ruto is not the president that is the day I will die, let us stop such nonsense,” said Mbai.

“If you are a man go and organize a Baraza and say Ruto is not the president, even if you plan with your mother we shall find you because even your mother is getting a birth certificate outside her house because of Ruto and you want to demonstrate,” he added.

The vocal MP said that instead of organizing demos Azimio should give the president time and let Kenyans decide if he worked well or not.

“President Ruto was elected by the people through God’s grace and let him be a given a chance to do his work, if he fails after 5 years Kenyans will get rid of him,” Mbai reiterated.

He noted that it is time people from Kitui East benefited from the Government instead of fighting and there are a lot of projects that need to be done in the area.

Mbai was elected on a UDA Party ticket in the August elections.

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