Kitui East MP Issues ultimatum to Interior Ministry to Drive away Camel Herders from Kitui Borders

Cases of Camel herders from the neighboring Tana River county attacking residents of Kitui East and South have been rampant in Kitui County.

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai has Given the National Government through the Ministry of Internal Security a two-week ultimatum to drive away the herders who have been bringing fear to the residents.

Mbai revealed that there have been cases of insecurity brought by the herders to the extent of killing innocent residents and now they are tired of ‘singing the same song’ .

“We have held talks and discussions concerning our border with Tana River county since the invasion of the camel herders from Tana River, Garissa, and also others coming from Mandera. The herders come with guns and we have been fighting for 5 years to see them out of our county due to the threats and insecurity they have created,” he said.

However, the Ruto allied MP revealed that although they were removed from their areas of operation where they had constructed temporary houses, the government intervened and said that they will ensure that peace prevails but still the herders came back again.

“If the government has failed to take action they should tell us because it’s just on Monday we heard that there were children in Kalambani, Kitui south chased away by the herders. Let them not come to Kitui East and Kitui South because they will be now looking for ‘words’ and I will go up to Kalambani because my people in Kitui East have intermarried with those of Kitui South and we can’t just stare when our people are being terrorized in their territories,” Mbai stated.

MP Mbai gave the Ministry of Interior two weeks to drive away the herders and ensure that the residents live in peace without fear, especially the school-going children.

“We agreed together with the National Government that you will drive away these herders from our borders, we are giving the Government two weeks to drive them away for our children to learn and our people do their duties without fear,” he added.

This comes after a middle-aged man from Imuumba, Voo in Kitui East was killed by suspected Somali bandits in March 2022.

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