Kitui County Residents urged to embrace sunflower farming

In a significant move aimed at fostering agricultural self-sufficiency and economic empowerment, Peninah Malonza CS East African Community, Arid and Semi-Arid Lands, and Regional Development, has urged residents of Kitui County to embrace sunflower farming.

During her visit to the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFFRI) house, Cabinet Secretary Malonza spoke passionately about the potential benefits that sunflower farming could bring to the residents of Kitui County. She emphasized that this initiative holds the key to not only improving the local economy but also providing a sustainable source of cooking oil for households in the region.

“Those buying seeds will be given free sunflower seeds. Residents who are interested in sunflower farming are encouraged to register themselves to receive these seeds,” she stated. Furthermore, she highlighted that the government is committed to providing the necessary support to ensure the success of this agricultural venture.

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Additionally, the Cabinet Secretary shared plans to distribute oil extraction machines to qualifying farmers. “Once you plant the sunflower seeds, you will be given a machine to extract oil from the harvested sunflowers. This initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden of purchasing cooking oil, providing residents with a sustainable and cost-effective alternative,” she explained.

The move towards sunflower farming is seen as a strategic step towards diversifying the local economy and promoting agriculture as a viable source of income. Kitui County, known for its arid and semi-arid conditions, stands to benefit from the resilience of sunflowers, which are well-suited to such environments.

Cabinet Secretary Peninah Malonza concluded her address with a call to action, urging residents to embrace the opportunity for economic empowerment. “This initiative is not just about farming; it’s about transforming lives. I encourage all residents interested in sunflower farming to register and take the first step towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for Kitui County,” she asserted.

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