Kithyoko Donkey owners protest re-opening of abbatoir

Donkey owners in Machakos and Kitui counties on Thursday held peaceful demonstrations protesting Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi’s plan to reopen the donkey abattoirs.

The owners lamented that if the donkey meat business is brought back donkey theft incidences will increase.

“If this business is revived we will be in a lot of trouble as donkey owners. The last time this slaughterhouse was opened I was a victim because some of my donkeys were stolen and sold here,” said a donkey owner.

“These donkeys help us a lot in transport and fetching water, it’s an investment and our question is what will happen to us if this business is brought back?” she added.

They called upon Kitui and Machakos Governors Julius Malombe and Wavinya Ndeti respectively to join in the fight and ensure the donkey slaughterhouse at Kithyoko doesn’t reopen.

“We want to see Wavinya and Malombe know our stand and support us. The donkeys will slowly but surely become extinct if the business resumes, “said another resident.

The Kithyoko abattoir is situated on the Machakos side of the border and targets the donkey from the two counties.

However, the slaughterhouse was closed in 2021 and news about its reopening has sent shivers among donkey owners.

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