Kathiani: County Government urged to equip understaffed Kitunduni dispensary

Machakos county government through the Department of Health has been asked to ensure Kitunduni dispensary in Kathiani is equipped with enough healthcare workers.

The hospital chairman Paul Muindi said that the hospital has one doctor who attends to everyone and whenever he is absent the patients have a hard time.

He disclosed that the hospital had a nurse who retired leaving a gap that has not been filled to date.

“For over three years we have been understaffed and currently only one doctor is available so it becomes a challenge when he attends a meeting, seminars, or the monthly reporting because no one is left to attend to the patients,” The hospital Chairman said.

“Like two weeks ago there was a woman who had been admitted at Machakos level five hospital and has been coming here for the clinic but the doctor has been on leave, after two days she gave up coming until the doctor is back,” he added.

Muindi also asked for the hospital to have a functioning lab stating that most of the time the patients are referred to Kathiani or Machakos to seek laboratory services.

This becomes a challenge because of the transport incurred to the preferred facilities.

He narrated that the situation is the same for expectant women because the maternity wing under construction has been stalled for years.

“The doctor attends to pregnant women who are almost giving birth in his office where he has put a bed. I’m sure he would do better if the construction of the maternity wing could end,”Muindi added.

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