Kangundo: Petrol Station attendant Dies after being thrown out of Car

A petrol station attendant in Kangundo succumbed while being treated at Kangundo Level 4 Hospital.

The attendant had been rushed to hospital with serious injuries after being thrown out of a moving car by unknown people who he had attended at the petrol station.

According to an eye witness, the attendant is said to have fueled a car and the owners refused to pay, upon confrontation they took him inside the car and threw him along Kangundo Tala road.

The eye witness who was at the scene of the incident said that they did not get to see the number plates of the car whose make was a Toyota Probox as it was at a very high speed after they threw the attendant.

“These people came and fueled their car and when they were asked to pay they took the attendant and sped off, After some distance they threw him out of the car causing him to have serious injuries,” said one of the eyewitnesses.

“Our plea to the police is that investigations should be done swiftly because it is not the first time that such is happening these people came to another petrol station around here and they fled without paying,” added another.

The body was moved to Kangundo Level 4 Mortuary as police launched investigations on the matter.

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