3 Children Under 10 Years Burnt To Death In Kangundo Over Family Feud

Police in Kangundo Subcounty have launched investigations over the death of three children aged 8,6 and 4 years who were burnt to death in their father’s house.

Confirming the incident Kangundo Subcounty Police Commander Zachary Bitok said that officers from Kakuyuni Police Station received information of an attack in a homestead in Uthini. They rushed to the scene and upon arrival, they found that the house was on fire.

Residents informed the police that the house was earlier stoned by unknown people who later burnt it. Some of the occupants managed to escape leaving the 3 kids sleeping in one room.

“Officers from Kakuyuni received a report of invaders who were attacking a house in Uthini belonging to one Richard Musyoki. By the time they arrived, they found invaders had set the house on fire and the occupants disappeared into the bushes. 3 children who were sleeping in the house got burnt beyond recognition,” said the police commander.

“We have launched investigations after finding out that there was a land dispute which has been going on for a while now. There is a group that was before the D.O. yesterday and they were referred to take the matter to the court only for this incident to happen last night,” he added.

According to neighbors, the family was in a land dispute after the father married two wives and the son of the first wife had given notice to the second wife to vacate from the compound in their last meeting on Saturday last week before this happened.

Bodies of the deceased were taken to Kangundo Level 4 Mortuary for preservation as police take on the matter.

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