Tharaka and Mumoni MCAs fault Defence Ministry over KDF Recruitment

The Defence Ministry has been put on the spot for allegedly discriminating against Mumoni and Tharaka Wards in Mwingi North Constituency during the just concluded KDF recruitment.

Speaking during a burial in Kamayiagi, Tharaka Ward in Mwingi North, Muthengi Ndagara the area MCA for Tharaka and Titus Kasinga the MCA for Mumoni Ward lamented that the Ministry of Defence led by Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale allegedly despised the people of Mumoni and Tharaka for merging Mumoni Sub-County with Thagicu Sub-County where the recruitment exercise was carried out in only Thagicu Sub-County.

“The KDF recruitment took place in Thagicu, I request our MPs led by our Woman Representative Irene Kasalu when they go back to the Parliament to tell the Ministry of Defense led by Duale that they discriminated against the people of Mumoni and Tharaka Ward. That is the truth because earlier, this area was called Mumoni Division but God did wonders, and Tharaka was given a sub-county called Thagicu and we remained with Mumoni Sub-County. How did it then happen that we were joined with Thagicu, a sub-county we gave birth to and we are different sub-counties,” MCA Titus Kasinga lamented.

The Mumoni Ward MCA called upon Kitui MPs to push the Ministry of Defense to gazette a recruitment center at Katse in Mumoni as they have done in the past.

“We feel neglected as a community, we know our leaders tried to push for a recruitment center at Mumoni, I even discussed the matter with our County Commissioner but it’s like the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) feel like they are special that no one should ask them. I ask our Leaders to follow up on the matter and ensure that the recruitment exercise takes place at Katse Market in Mumoni sub-county since our people feel left out in the national exercise,” Kasinga added.

Muthengi Ndagara, the MCA of Tharaka Ward also claimed that the recruitment exercise was not fair to the people of Mumoni and Tharaka because they were forced to share only 3 slots allocated to Thagicu Sub-County in Tharaka Ward with Mumoni Sub-County.

“The government should treat all the Kenyans equally when giving job opportunities but the truth is that the people of Mumoni were left out during the KDF Recruitment advertisement which forced them to come to the Thagicu sub-county. Thagicu we were given 3 positions which forced us to share them with Mumoni Sub-County, It took my intervention for us to get an additional slot, I want to tell our MPs to tell Duale that he should stop discriminating against our people,” Ndagara said.

Thagicu Sub-County in Tharaka Ward was created from Mumoni Sub-County.

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