CS Duale: How Kalonzo missed chance to be Kenya’s 4th President in 2013

Defence CS and former Garissa Township MP Aden Bare Duale has revealed how Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka missed the chance of being the fourth President of Kenya.

Duale, who Thursday launched his book titled ‘For the Record’ revealed that Kalonzo was one of the options for Uhuru and Ruto to support in the 2013 General Elections since the duo was still glued in the International Criminal Court (ICC) case.

“Since Uhuru and Ruto had cases to answer in the ICC, we gambled on several options like we support one candidate for Presidency and when he forms the government to see how he can look into our issues. Kalonzo Musyoka was an option, Saitoti was an option but Raila was not an option because he was allegedly working with the Western countries,” Duale narrated during a TV interview drumming support for his book.

He recounted how Uhuru and Ruto came together to form a URP and TNA coalition since they calculated that one won’t win the elections alone in addition to the ICC case. Duale revealed that Ruto drove Uhuru to visit Kalonzo and persuade him that the duo will support him for Presidency.

“They (Uhuru and Ruto) told him that he will vie for President then Uhuru becomes his Deputy and Ruto becomes the Majority Leader and share the government 33% among the three. But we have these demands; we are facing cases at the ICC so we are giving you the President as our friend in the event this ICC story becomes complicated we have a government that is friendly to us,” Duale revealed.

Duale pointed out that it is Kalonzo’s statement that made Uhuru and Ruto drop the offer when they visited him. He also stated that Kalonzo is one of the few leaders who always talk casually without thinking about the outcome of his words.

“Kalonzo is very casual in his talk, so Kalonzo just said ‘You know I’m a senior counsel and both of you are not lawyers, your case is not that bad but I confirm that you will be jailed and not for more than 10 years’ he should have even said 8 years or 11 years but he pegged on terms of a President. So he said that after they finish their jail term of 10 years he will come and hand over the presidency mantle to them,” Duale stated.

Kalonzo’s words according to CS Duale made Uhuru furious to the point of walking out of their meeting and went to smoke a cigarette leaving William Ruto with Kalonzo. Uhuru later called Ruto and left Kalonzo’s place.

“I was not at the place but when they came back Ruto narrated to me what happened, Kalonzo later confirmed to me that he indeed said that. After he realized the blunder he did, he called my number asking me what we should do to control the damage,” Duale added.

The Ruto ally revealed that is what led to forming of the Jubilee Party and fronting Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto for Presidency.

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