Kalonzo’s strong warning to Ukambani Politicians defecting to UDA and Kibwana

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has warned Ukambani politicians defecting to the ruling UDA Party.

Kalonzo warned that UDA was going to fall just like Jubilee noting that he has seen those who have been defecting from his Wiper Party lose elections even after they issued an ultimatum to him to join UhuruRuto in 2017.

“Let them go to where they want because it is their democratic right, they have done that before, some of them tried in 2017 when Ruto and Uhuru came to Machakos, and some Kamba politicians gave me an ultimatum saying that I should join Uhuruto. They challenged me but I told Uhuru and Ruto I’m giving them those who were giving me an ultimatum, today none of them managed to get re-elected,” the Wiper leader stated.

Kalonzo also affirmed that the Wiper party emerged as a strong National party in the last General Elections and is no longer a community party as some people perceived.

Kalonzo revealed that he has been proud of the Kamba community even after undergoing threats and intimidations he has never thought of betraying the community.

“I have been called all sorts of names because of them, they have been denied important things in the Government because of me, I hope their time to be partakers of the National leadership will come,” Kalonzo added.

Reacting to former Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana’s sentiments when he pointed out that Kalonzo has been riding on the community for personal benefit, Kalonzo trashed that saying Kibwana lacks authority on anything because he was even defeated by his junior (Maanzo) in the August General Elections.

“Kibwana campaigned for Raila, now he is a political advisor or something to Ruto, oh my goodness! On what authority does he have? He was defeated soundly by Maanzo, a young man who defeated a sitting Governor because of things like that. He was one time my party chair, I wish him well in retirement,” Kalonzo stated.

He added that Kibwana wants to auction the Kamba community to the highest bidder and warned the Kamba people not to allow him to do that.

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