Kibwana quits politics, Kenyans react

3 Months after losing the Makueni Senatorial seat to his student, Daniel Maanzo, Ex- Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana has announced his decision to quit elective politics.

Taking to Social Media Kibwana said, “Today I announced that I have quit elective politics after serving the people of Makueni Constituency (2002-2007) & Makueni County (2013-2022), and 30 years of public service. Thanks be to God, my former students, co-workers, and those I served.”

The decision resulted in mixed reactions from Kenyans and below are some of them;

Mambo Felix said,” Wise decision, We wish you good health, grace, and wisdom Prof. Usikae pale nje wakuchoche you begin fighting Kalonzo Musyoka because you will become totally irrelevant.”

Ex-Kibwezi MP Aspirant Willie Malile said, “The people shall decide when that time comes. For now, we feel you still have a huge potential.”

Nguzi Sharon said, “Congratulations on your achievements boss. Now enjoy the rest of your days with your family and friends.”

James Muteti said, “Wishing you all the best Prof.You’ve left a lasting legacy in the public service. God bless you as you retire from elective politics.”

Francis Kinyamasyo said, “Congratulations professor for a good job and the good foundation you laid for this county. may God grant you good health.”

Maggie Miano said, “You have done well. Service above self with humility. Your footprints will remain forever. It was a pleasure for me to serve Makueni under your leadership. All the best in your next assignment.”

Kioko Muasya added, “You have served well. You have demonstrated that people-focused leadership can be done. That good governance is achievable. That politics can transform lives. And that we cannot be held hostage by the corrupt. Yours is a shining beacon. An example for those to come. A yardstick with which we will assess them. You served admirably. I salute you and wish you God’s blessings and peace in your retirement.”

In August Kibwana finished his second term as Governor and tried to vie for the senate seat and lost to Maanzo with over 120,000 votes. Missed the results of the August polls in Makueni? check it out below;

What’s your message to Kibwana as he quits politics?

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