I would still have retained my seat even without wiper support, Governor Kibwana

Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana has trashed claims that he used the Wiper ticket to retain his governor seat.

Speaking on Thursday at Kwa Kathoka Kibwana said that he joined wiper after consulting Makueni residents.

He added that he had the support of the people and would have easily retained his seat even as an independent candidate.

“They say that I used Wiper so as to retain my seat, I did not choose to go to Wiper it is Kalonzo himself who asked Makueni people after which I agreed.”

Kibwana noted that Makueni people trusted in him in 2013 enough to elect him governor without any track record.

“Even if I was in Muungano I would have gotten back my seat.” According to the Governor, he has not been notified about the ‘divorce’ between Wiper and Muungano parties but he is okay with the decision. He further observed that everything they agreed with Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has never been actualized.

“We agreed on many things with Kalonzo when signing the agreement before the last general elections but he has not heeded to any.” Kibwana noted.

He also accused Kalonzo of using former leaders to frustrate his leadership.

Two weeks ago when Kalonzo visited Makueni County, he announced that the timeline for the agreement between Wiper and Muungano parties had elapsed.

The agreement was for a year that ended last year and the Muungano party would be considered the opposition in the county. Kibwana observed that he would not force himself to be in the marriage. Once the divorce is done, he says he might land a better partner than the Wiper party.

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