Kaewa Superstars explains his ‘Ndakitali’ title

Dr. Brian Manthi ‘MJ’ of Kaewa Superstars has explained whether ‘Ndakitali’ (Doctor) is just a nickname or his title.

Kaewa revealed that he is a doctor contrary to what people think. Manthi said that he pursued Clinical Medicine and Surgery so he is a Clinical Officer by profession despite being a Benga artist.

“I’m a real doctor, it is not my nickname, I’m a Clinical Officer by profession and I’m employed by the government, I’m not a quack doctor,” he revealed.

The fast-rising Benga artist when asked how he balances his doctor job and music, said that he mostly works from Monday to Friday as a clinical officer and on weekends is when he goes to entertainment joints to perform.

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He added that it is a hard thing to balance the two but with discipline, he has been able to multi-task and excel well.

“It is hard to balance the two but with determination, I make it easy I usually treat during the day and mostly from Monday to Friday, and then on Weekends is when I perform my shows. If I have a show on Thursday, I know how to excuse myself and get a professional like me who is also employed by the government to do my work. We call it locum where someone takes up your role when you’re not available,” Kaewa stated.

Kaewa said that those who know him and have interacted with him know that he is a real doctor.

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