Mlolongo woman discloses she is paid 50,000 for stealing babies

A 18-year-old woman was arrested in Mlolongo, Mavoko sub-county of Machakos County for allegedly stealing a child.

Miriam Wesonga is said to be connected to the child theft syndicate in Mavoko sub-county.

Apparently, the woman stole a two-year-old baby three months ago and the baby was later found in Kakamega County.

The suspect was arrested in Mlolongo after being identified by a resident and told the police she was working with two other people in the business.

She disclosed to the police that she was being said Ksh.50,000 for every child she delivered to a client.

Boniface Kinyua the father of the stolen baby said that after that desperation knocked after their son was taken from them.

“The woman was back three months after stealing the baby and going with him. Luckily she was identified by one of our friends who raised alarm, we came and interviewed her where she confessed, “said Kinyua.

She was then frog-marched to the chief’s office where she was interrogated and later locked up.

Mlolongo Chief Peter Ndunda said the syndicate involves three women who steal babies and sell them to neighboring countries.

“These children are mostly sold in Uganda and the syndicate involves three women,” said the chief.

He decries that child theft is rife in the Mavoko sub-county as the suspect confessed to having stolen three children from the area.

He disclosed that the suspect is held at Mlolongo police station and will help in the investigations and cracking of the syndicate.

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