Kawaya calls for stringent measures against River Athi Polluters

Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musau alias Kawaya has called for stringent measures to be taken against those found guilty of polluting River Athi.

Speaking on Sunday Kawaya noted that diseases like cancer are dropping up among people depending on water from River Athi.

“Many companies are discharging their poisonous effluent into River Athi. I have taken a petition to parliament seeking to have anyone found guilty prosecuted, “Kawaya said.

The lawmaker accused the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) of negligence citing that they have been quiet while the river that many people depend on gets polluted.

“We have a CEO for NEMA who is aware of the pollution but keeps quiet while our people are suffering. He has questions to answer concerning the pollution. Let everyone who has been given work do it diligently,” said the MP.

He asked the committee that is investigating the pollution issue of River Athi to be factual and fair.

The vibrant lawmaker warned that if River Athi is not cleaned and the pollution stopped then the Thwake Multi-purpose dam project in Makueni would have been for nothing because the dam will take water from River Athi.

“Our people in Mwala are dying of cancer and the disease is directly linked to heavy metals from industrial waste in the water, action needs to be taken soon to avert more damage,” The legislator added.

Kawaya spoke after visiting several towns in his constituency while launching security lights.

Last month, Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti said that cancer cases in Machakos county are attributed to River Athi pollution.

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