Mwala leads in Cancer cases in Machakos due to Athi River pollution – Wavinya

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has revealed that Mwala constituency is leading in cancer cases in Machakos county. This she says is caused by polluted water from River Athi.

Speaking during the launch of relief food distribution in Mwala over the weekend, Wavinya said that her government will do its level best to ensure the river which is depended on by a lot of Machakos residents is cleaned.

“Most of the people coming to Machakos level 5 Cancer center from Mwala are diagnosed with cancer and someone going for that treatment up to the last stage is very expensive. That’s why we need to clean the river instead of waiting for people to get sick and this Cancer in Machakos is all because of pollution,” Wavinya claimed.

The Governor vowed to collaborate with the National government, and the county government of Nairobi to ensure that the river is cleaned.

“It better we clean the river, bring a good environment even if it is expensive, we will work together with the national government and Nairobi City county to ensure that the river is cleaned,” she added.

Wavinya further promised to invest in water since the people of Machakos and Ukambani at large have been suffering water shortages for a long time.

“I’m tired of hearing the same problem of water, our equipment won’t stay idle and we will make sure we drill more boreholes for our people as we go on. We will also plant trees to reduce on impacts of global warming,’ Wavinya added.

She also said that the county will invest in solar energy to pump water so that they can reduce the electricity bills. She called upon residents to take care of the solar panels when they are installed so that they aren’t vandalized.

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