Nzioka Waita Promises River Athi clean up and treatment of the water

Machakos Gubernatorial Aspirant Nzioka Waita has promised to ensure that Athi River water which is majorly contaminated from Nairobi and its environs is cleaned and treated for safe consumption by locals.

The Gubernatorial aspirant who will be vying under the Chama Cha Uzalendo Party (CCU) noted that the water consumed by most people in Machakos is contaminated and it’s harmful to their health since it can cause terminal diseases like cancer.

“If water has turned green, please don’t use it for anything. That is poison and that’s why we wonder where some terminal diseases like cancer are coming from. It is due to contaminated water,” Waita noted.

Speaking at Kathiani, Katangi, Machakos, Waita said that one of his plans as the Governor is to ensure that the contaminated water is purified and that residents can consume it for anything without fear of contracting diseases adding that he will also ensure that River Athi is not polluted in any way.

On matters of modern farming, the aspirant said that farmers need to be guided to change their tradition of farming since there has been insufficient rainfall for a long time now.

“The problem with farmers is that they are practicing the old way of farming. We are still planting maize and when it doesn’t rain for 2 weeks, they dry up and we don’t harvest. For the last 5 years, we have not had enough rainfall and thus we need to go for a modern way of farming. Changing from traditional to modern farming is not costly and we will ensure that we help farmers to get better harvests and evade famine in our area,” Waita further promised.


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