Herdsman on the run after stealing employer’s cows in Kitui

A middle-aged man who has been working as a herdsman in Monguni, Kitui county is reported to have escaped with four cows belonging to his employer.

The employer identified as Francis Muinde said that he has many cows but the four valued at over 150,000 shillings were being taken care of by the suspect.

“I am not sure what time he took the cattle because he is the one who stays with them, we only realized they are missing in the morning,” Muinde said.

The incident was confirmed by Monguni location chief Leonard Nyamai who disclosed that the suspect hailed from Mbooni in Makueni county and that the man had been looking after the cows for years.

The chief warned locals against employing people they have no information about and ordered those with employees from outside to give details at his office.

“The owner of the cattle doesn’t know the place the herdsboy hails from nor his two names. We are looking for the cows and community policing members have been alerted,” said the chief.

“Anyone who sees the man trying to see the cows should immediately report to the police. Be sure he will be suspicious because they don’t belong to him,” added the chief.

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